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For advertisers they can certainly be a bad deal — particularly when spyware-delivered pop-ups cheat advertisers through PPC click fraud, PPC syndication fraud, affiliate fraud, banner farms, or other improper ways of getting paid.

Zeno Tecnico is notorious spyware which I have seen installed through a variety of misleading bundles and security exploits.

Zeno’s web site claims an address in Panama, but I believe this address is a sham. Packet log analysis shows that traffic flowed in the way shown in the diagram at right: From Zeno Tecnico to Pro Market (part of New York-based Almond Net) to Adult Friend Finder. Set against the more complex examples that follow, this Zeno-Pro Market-Adult Friend Finder is particularly notable: These three parties alone decided to show this ad, in this way, under these circumstances and with this targeting (or lack thereof), without influence by any other spyware installed on my test PC, and with a reasonably direct relationship between advertiser and spyware vendor, as shown at right. But as best I can tell, they have no one but each other to blame.

Direct Revenue Showing Morpheus Of Porn It’s well-known that most spyware-infected computers contain multiple spyware programs.

When multiple spyware programs interact, they are particularly likely to show sexually-explicit images without a user requesting any such materials.

The screenshot at right presents a pop-up shown to me on a massively infected test PC.

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Cat dating instantnavigation com kn2 partner search php tk introduction

Cat dating instantnavigation com kn2 partner search php tk