Chat room that starts with ry

i asked her.....she said Arshia(my little sis)told it to her sister.... so negative and that they are hurt when seeing my hateful posts about my sister. today agirl(who is my enemy)called me and talked about it...i was shocked that how she knew it... She is a stubborn selfish egoistic selfcentered person who... since she was born and i tried to take care of her and give her everything which i dint hav since i was a kid and made her join and explore hobbies, find her passion and try to advise her and guide her in d right way. She is insensitive, she doesn't really have many friends and i think thats because... "Crystal can you please stop this, really hurts my ***"? She makes me fall out with my mum and after we've had an argument I sometimes feel such physical anger towards her for a long time after. She NEVER gets punished and always tries to start a fight... she constantly feels like she is superior to everyone around her because she got good grades in high school even though she dropped out of college and can't hold a job for more than a week and lives off our parents lies to them and treats everyone like garbage because her life... I know this a bad thing to say, but sometimes I wish she wasn't my sister. but I still haven't been able to stop feeling like this.

Sorry, but I'm here only to vent and let all the stuff that I tend to keep bottled up out. I hate my condescending sister who is too deluded to...As long as I can remember, my older sister has used me, screamed at me, been cruel, and, increasingly as we got older, physically harmed me.She's only told me she's loved me when she needed something from me.I always had to bend to her will and walk on eggshells... I'm stressed out and I don't need them being *****.The middle one is being like straight up disrespectful to mom and has no regard of how late she is walking out to the car. For trying to sleep with my fiance, for not performing basic family duties in times of crisis, and most importantly...

She just takes stuff from me and it bothers me but she chalks it... My oldest sister has always been very abusive, controlling and aggressive.

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Chat room that starts with ry introduction

Chat room that starts with ry