Cousin caught masterdating

Hello, My daughter just turned 7, and I am concerned about her.

She has a particular stuffed animal that she is using to apparently rub on herself.

I have caught her, accidently a few times with this stuffed animal between her legs in a " missionary " position, or rolling around with the bunny between her legs.

She often comes walking through the living room announcing that she is going to get her bunny and take him into the TV room. I also have a toy barrell that will shake, or vibrate, which she would disapear with sometimes.

Or she will go off into her bedroom, and announce that she does not want any intrusions for a while, while she plays with her bunny. She is an only child, but we provide lots of activities to avoid too much bordom. I ended up throwing this toy away after I realized what was going on.

She sometimes comes out of her room, or from the TV room all sweaty, announcing that she is hot & sweaty. I have confronted her with her antics, and told her this was a private thing, and she she should not be doing this in the TV room, or discussing this with her friends.

Is it OK for me to acknowledge with her that I know what's going on ?

I am a single father, and need some direction with this matter.

The single fact of a child of seven engaging in masturbation is not, in itsef, a cause for worry.

However, the frquency of your daughter's behavior is perhaps indicative of a problem and is deserving of some professional evaluation. If everything appears OK from a medical perspective, follow up with an evaluation by a pediatric mental health or behavioral health clinician.

It is certainly OK to bring this up with your daughter, though I worry a bit about your using the phrase "what is going on" and the word "antics".

These indicate that you might be conveying a tone of wrongdoing or illicitness in relation to the activity, so be careful about that.

My cousin(9)also uses her soft toys for sexual pleasure!!!!!

I myself feel that it is horrible but she no-longer does this as i said to her that this is not natural for her age!!!!!

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Thank you. I am very open about sex, and have had a open door policy about questions etc. I think this is why I was so caught off guard. like maybe he. 
15-Mar-2019 18:28

Cousin caught masterdating introduction

Cousin caught masterdating

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