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Dating elizabethan era

” And of course, there's the perpetual question, What is Witchcraft?I can help you to find your Path, but only you can walk it.Witchcraft is a personal journey that only you can take.You are unique and special, there is no one else like you.That means you have abilities and desires that no one else does.Most people get confused because every book seems to describe the same concept a different way.Each of these books describes that particular author's way of doing things.

I give you my word as a Witch, that I will not pop up unrelated windows, such as ads for porn. It's understanding the meaning behind the words that takes time. They include the , and The Wiccan Rede but understanding what those words mean is much more important than knowing the words themselves.

As with anything else you want to learn, the best place to start is at the beginning. Anyone can wear the symbols of Witchcraft without knowing the meanings behind them, but for the person who understands the meanings, they are extremely powerful.

Understanding the symbols allows you to direct your magick much quicker and easier.

There's more to being a Witch than simply calling yourself a Witch. Being a Witch is the ability to make changes in your life. Through Before you can cast your first Circle, or chant your first spell, you need to have an understanding of tools that are used, and how to consecrate those tools. They include things like an altar, robes, and salt.

Once you have cast the Circle, and created your Sacred Space, you call to the Quarters or Elements, to protect that space.

These Guardians are powerful, and must be properly controlled if you hope to use them in ritual.

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Everyone has to start somewhere. Beginning Witchcraft allows you to crawl before you try to walk. 
21-Nov-2018 20:42

Dating elizabethan era introduction

Dating elizabethan era