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Death note dating quiz

Basically, there's very few GOOD quality Death Note quizzes out there.

The second was the concept of a postmortem judgment, in which the quality of the deceased’s life would influence his ultimate fate.

Egyptian society, it has been said, consisted of the dead, the gods, and the living.

During all periods of their history, the ancient Egyptians seem to have spent much of their time thinking of death and making provisions for their afterlife.

The vast size, awe-inspiring character, and the ubiquity of their funerary monuments bear testimony to this obsession.

The physical preservation of the body was central to all concerns about an afterlife; the Egyptians were a practical people, and the notion of a disembodied existence would have been totally unacceptable to them.

The components of the person were viewed as many, subtle, and complex; moreover, they were thought to suffer different fates at the time of death.

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This is just something you fangirls/guys will like. Take this quiz! You're alone, what do you do? What do you like in a guy? What is your opinion on shoes? What do your friends think of you? What's your favorite color? What do you watch on TV? What do you wear? What do you eat? How are you? What did you think of. 
18-Feb-2019 15:19
If you love Death Note and are a girl this quiz is for you. Basically, there's very few GOOD quality Death Note quizzes out there. And I would know cause I've taken them all. Basically this quiz will tell you what the Death Note characters think of you and who you're dating 3 Anyways, enjoy! $1PS. I made Kira and Light. 
18-Feb-2019 15:24

Death note dating quiz introduction

Death note dating quiz

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