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First impressions speed dating review

It’s not everyday that you get to interview your girlfriend.Since meeting Audrey a couple of months ago in Korea we’ve been exploring Seoul and other areas in Gyeonggi.I’m extremely biased but I think she has one of the best travel sites in the world over at That Backpacker.It’s incredible how obsessed we both are with backpacking as we try to tackle as much of Korea as we can on the weekends before heading off on an extended around the world adventure next year.She was born in Canada, raised in Argentina and has visited many far off corners of the world. There’s a high demand, most jobs cover your apartment and airfare, it’s easy to save with your salary, and the whole application process was relatively easy.With extensive experience as a backpacker, expat and adventurer, I wanted to know what her first impressions of Korea were given that this is the first time she’s been based in Asia: Q1) If you can remember way back to when you first arrived in Korea, what were some of your first impressions? Q3) As an experienced backpacker, how would you rate Korea in terms of its potential culture shock value relative to other places you’ve visited?

— Why is the restaurant serving me the fat instead of the meat? — What’s with the helicopters and fighter jets flying over my city twice a day? Q4) When it comes to travel in Korea, where are your favourite destinations you’ve currently visited and where else would you like to go during your time in the Hermit Kingdom?Travelling by train to the southwestern province of Jeollanam has been one of the highlights.Picture rice paddies with mountains in the horizon, a man riding his bike down a lonely dirt road, traditional homes dotting the fields. As for places to visit, I have my eye on Busan where I hope do indulge in some fresh hwae (raw fish), and Seoraksan for what is meant to be one of the most beautiful hikes in Korea.Q5) Have you had any lost in translation moments where something regarding the culture, food, or people has totally left you feeling stumped?Most of my lost in translation moments happen in the classroom during games of Bingo.

The way the game works is that you ask students to list cities/jobs/animals that begin with a certain letter.

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First impressions speed dating review introduction

First impressions speed dating review

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