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Returned missionary dating

I was wondering what people though about the YW's manuals BASICALLY saying "only marry a return missionary" if all YW fallowed this council(which i know they don't) what is a man who joined after his 20's or a man who didn't go on a mission to do? even with the women who don't fallow the only marry a RM line it seems like they are stigmatized as well. "Your response to the thread "Only marry return missionaries! By your logic, I am disobedient, and undeserving of Eternal Marriage. With all due respect, individuals I have encountered in my life who hold your viewpoint make me sick. This user believes that the Prophets and Apostles would never frown upon young men who did not serve missions getting married. I am pretty sure that Thomas Monson and his 14 lunatics feel that if you did not go on a mission, you don't deserve to get married, because of all the potential tithe payers you never converted. Or maybe they just have a mind, and don't want to be treated like shit for 2 years!

i have a brother who didnt go and he's still an amazing guy who married in the temple.

and if that right person comes around and he didnt, and i know its right, then sure i will marry him.

but personally i want someone, who if it was possible for them to go at the age of 19, willingly and worthily went.

According to the Brethren, those worthy and able (both physically and mentally) to serve a mission are commanded to serve.

There may be "some young men who aren't meant to serve a mission," but those young men (if they are worthy) are those who are incapacitated either physically or mentally.

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Returned missionary dating introduction

Returned missionary dating