The 80 20 rule in dating

ooooooooooh yes I do in fact, if ya read profiles you will see that listed out in detail wanted a good woman that will always be true, be loyal, affectionate, loving and one who is up for fun and adventure with no drama it's like they took all the qualities and little irritations that their wife or live in girlfriend had towards the end of the relationship and then made the list of opposites though I suspect she probably had some of those good qualities somewhere along the line That presumes at any given time you can accurately and absolutely list 100% of your needs, and they never change.

but then, I have been out of circulation for many years.. I have found that I've gotten most of what I need from my partner; and the other percentages from outside influences of friends, events and of course, myself... My own suspicion, is that people who put a lot of energy in to concepts LIKE this one, are actually examples of a common modern social phenomena, where the influence of commercial-pseudo-science, as a form of reassurance, results in people trying to "prove" to themselves that they are on the right track in life. The act of doing this, inherently changes your "mate" to a "amusement delivery service." The only relationships worthy of the name, are those which are based on the person who cares for another, dedicating themselves to LIVING whatever life happens to be, with them. I know that as soon as you decide to measure, calculate, and quantifiably analyze your relationship, you might as well end it.The Pareto principle is only really meaningful when you can accurately measure exactly what you're getting and from exactly who you are getting it from.Not to mention the idea that when needs are consistently and easily met they simply get taken for granted, no longer seen or valued as needs, fall down the hierarchy scale, unless they stop being met, because it takes too much effort to focus on something easy, since there are so many other needs that need to be met requiring the mental effort.

Needs change, perceptions of needs change, lots of needs aren't known or even understood.

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The 80 20 rule in dating introduction

The 80 20 rule in dating

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