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Updating old shower fixtures

This innovative upgrade kit is designed to fit 8 commonly installed valves from Pfister®, Delta®, and Moen®.Eliminating the need to replace your valve, Universal Tub & Shower helps save time and money.Sometimes I take spontaneity in marriage a little too far.When Robert comes home from work every day, he never knows what he’s about to walk into.One day I might greet him at the door grinning ear to ear, excited to show him our newly painted bathroom cabinets.And then every now and then he might find me falling to pieces on the floor, borderline sobbing as I try to rescue myself from some fiasco I’ve created.

But the finishing touch was spray painting the shower fixtures. And I didn’t have to bust out the plumbing gear to do it. Here’s what we were working with before: There was nothing wrong with them at all, but since we installed our pretty bronze faucet, the chrome had to go.And I was not about to spend a couple hundred dollars for a simple color change.We didn’t use this shower for at least 48 hours to be sure there would be no moisture to cause any problems.I taped off all of the fixtures first (and it’s not easy taping in a circle).I realized I probably should have sanded the fixtures first, but I got a little eager here.

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Your plumber will need to open up the wall, cut out the old valve, and weld the new one into place. A quick, easy shower faucet update is only an option if you can buy a new trim kit to fit your existing valve as outlined above. As we mentioned above, if you are replacing the entire shower or shower/tub your contractor will. 
09-Feb-2019 11:30
Walk through the plumbing section of your local home center, and you'll see a wide variety of shower faucets. These faucets come in three basic styles single-handled units that control the water. 
09-Feb-2019 11:35
How to Replace a Shower Head. How to Fix a Leaky Toilet Toilet Interior. How to Fix a Leaky Toilet Toilet Interior. How to Fix a Leaky Toilet Toilet Exterior. How to Fix a Leaky Toilet Toilet Exterior. How To Fix a Leaky Faucet. How To Fix a Leaky Faucet. How to Update Your Bath. How to Update. 
09-Feb-2019 11:38
HomeAdvisor's Shower Faucet and Valve Repair & Replace Guide instructs users on how to repair leaky single, double or triple handle faucets, how to replace diverter valve cartridge and how to install your new. Is It Time To Upgrade. Take the old cartridge to the hardware store to ensure you get the right replacement. 
09-Feb-2019 11:43
How to Change a Bathtub Faucet. Do you have an old bathtub faucet that leaks, doesn't work right, or is just plain ugly? Is your bathtub faucet spout no longer diverting water up to your shower head? Replacing parts of your bathtub faucet. 
09-Feb-2019 11:45

Updating old shower fixtures introduction

Updating old shower fixtures

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