Voodoo dating

"Voodoo Love" is a song by Ariana Grande meant for her debut album, Yours Truly (originally titled Daydreamin').The official audio of the song, along with the original "Honeymoon Avenue", was released on August 2, 2016 through her Sound Cloud account.However, Ariana did not officially release the song as a single at this time although many fans knew about it.Allan Peter Grigg, Pebe Sebert, and Ariana wrote the song together.Ariana also performed this song in the stage production A Snow White Christmas which had the lead role in.Several days later, Ariana apologizes to fans for the delay because she was still deciding what to do with the song.

It is a blend of practices from the people of the Kongo, Benin/Togo, Nigeria and others.The extent to which hoodoo could be practiced varied by region and the temperament of the slave owners.Enslaved Africans of the Southeast, known as the Gullah, as well as those in Louisiana, were people who enjoyed an isolation and relative freedom that allowed for retention of the practices of their West African ancestors.Rootwork or hoodoo, in the Mississippi Delta where the concentration of enslaved Africans was dense, was practiced but under a large cover of secrecy.Hoodoo spread throughout the United States as African Americans left the Delta during the Great Migration.

The word hoodoo stems from Hudu, which is the name of a language and a Ewe tribe in Togo and Ghana.

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Voodoo dating introduction

Voodoo dating