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2015, Will Caput worked for a security firm assigned to a penetration test of a major Mexican restaurant chain, scouring its websites for hackable vulnerabilities.

So when 40-year-old Caput took a lunch break, he had beans and guacamole on his mind.

He decided to drive to the local branch of the restaurant in Chico, California.

While there, still in the mindset of testing the restaurant’s security, he noticed a tray of unactivated gift cards sitting on the counter.

So he grabbed them all—the cashier didn’t mind, since customers can load them with a credit card from home via the web—and sat down at a table, examining the stack as he ate his vegetarian burrito.

They include all-too-simple tricks that hackers can use to determine gift card numbers and drain money from them, even before the legitimate holder of the card ever has a chance to use them.

While some of those methods have been semipublic for years, and some retailers have fixed their security flaws, a disturbing fraction of targets remain wide open to gift card hacking schemes, Caput says.

And as analysis of the recently defunct dark web marketplace Alpha Bay shows, actual criminals have made prolific use of those schemes too.“You’re basically stealing other people’s cash through these cards,” says Caput, who now works as a researcher for the firm Evolve Security.

“You take a small sample of gift cards from restaurants, department stores, movie theaters, even airlines, look at the pattern, determine the other cards that have been sold to customers and steal the value on them.”To pull off the trick, Caput says he has to obtain at least one of the target company’s gift cards.

Unactivated cards often sit out for the taking at restaurants and retailers, or he can just buy one.

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Web cam with guys in my area with no creditcard needed or captcha needed introduction

Web cam with guys in my area with no creditcard needed or captcha needed

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